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Trying to start a family is a traumatic experience when it results in failure month after month, especially when friends, family and work mates all appear to fall pregnant at the drop of a hat. For those of you who are feeling quite overwhelmed with the disappointment of not having a family, you may find a consultation with our Counsellor helpful.

Counselling can also be useful for individuals and couples as support after diagnosis, to explore treatment options, and as support during and after treatment. It gives space for individuals and/or couples to express feelings, explore issues or gain new perspectives in a safe and confidential manner.

Our Counsellor may also be able to help if you are experiencing psychosexual problems, or you are suffering from anxiety or stress, which can all lead to poor sexual performance. If you just want to talk to a professional about your concerns, our Counsellor is always there for you. Sessions can be arranged for you at times to suit and will usually last about an hour.


If you are feeling quite anxious or stressed, or you need some help with managing your lifestyle such as cigarette smoking, hypnotherapy may be useful for you.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Prior to Surgery

If you are worried about impending surgery, such as vasectomy, vasectomy reversal or surgery for cancer, hypnotherapy can be very useful. It has been found to be effective in reducing stress, enabling the patient to feel more in control and perhaps more importantly, helping a patient’s healing and recovery.


Hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful in cases where men have considerable difficulties in maintaining an erection. Often, the cause has deep rooted anxieties which can be uncovered through hypnosis.

Managing Lifestyle Habits

Sometimes, it may be hard to give up the things you most enjoy, or think you enjoy, such as alcohol or cigarettes, which are known to affect fertility. Excess body weight may also be a contributing factor. In these cases we may recommend a course of hypnotherapy for you.


Have a question?

We understand that fertility is a very personal and private matter. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us to arrange an appointment or read our FAQs.

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