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This is a sensible idea as normal test results can be reassuring and abnormal test results will at least give you plenty of time to explore all the options. We would recommend you have a male reproductive health assessment. You need to have a semen analysis and then we can discuss the results and any recommendations with you. We are able to refer your partner to a Gynaecologist if she would also like to undergo some initial tests.

At Andrology Solutions we acknowledge that fertility clinics provide an invaluable service and many couples have successful outcomes following treatment. However, often the focus is on the female partner. Andrology Solutions is able to offer a unique service just for the male partner. Our aim is to work alongside the clinic offering treatment by investigating any male factors possibly contributing to the subfertility, and maximising the chance of a successful outcome.

We recognise the very sensitive nature of male infertility and at our centre you can be assured that discretion and confidentiality are our priority.
Any correspondence sent to you will be in plain envelopes.
We share building facilities with a CPA accredited laboratory, which offers a full range of diagnostic tests. As all patients attend the same waiting room, there is no distinction between patients attending Andrology Solutions and those attending for routine blood tests.

Most men prefer to attend on their own as this aids a more open discussion with the focus on themselves. Some men may also feel more comfortable to discuss their past sexual health and history without their partner present. However, it is ultimately your choice if you also wish your partner to attend.

Semen quality is known to vary widely in the same person for a variety of reasons. For instance, alcohol, smoking (particularly cigarettes and cannabis), caffeine, recreational drugs, prescribed medications including antibiotics, and bouts of illness have all been associated with poor sperm quality. Similarly, high stress levels and over exercise may contribute to decreased fertility potential. Sperm need to be stored at a cooler temperature than the rest of the body, which is why the testicles are outside of the body cavity. Long periods of sitting down, particularly when tight clothing is worn, increase the temperature and may adversely affect sperm.

We suggest that you reduce these potentially compromising life-style hazards and maintain a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Vitamin supplements we recommend are vitamins C and E, selenium and zinc, together with garlic capsules, which protect the sperm from oxidising reagents.

And remember – whatever you are doing now will affect your sperm quality 3 months down the line, as this is how long it takes the young immature sperm to develop to maturity.
Please contact us with any other questions you may have.

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