Fertility Testing

We offer a range of tests to investigate your fertility potential and general reproductive health. Whether you are just starting out trying to conceive with your partner, or whether you have been trying unsuccessfully for some time, we can recommend the appropriate tests for you.

If you think you are having problems conceiving, it is important to get tested early on so as not to delay the process unnecessarily. Testing should start with a semen analysis which provides a lot of information about the heath of your sperm. It is an efficient, cost effective and painless test for you. However, you may require more in depth testing, such as checking your oxidative stress levels, hormone balance or genetic screening. We can also arrange testicular ultrasound scanning for you. Whether or not you have symptoms, it is always a good idea to check for any underlying infections that may impact your partner’s chances of conception. If you have any urological symptoms, then it may be worthwhile investigating for prostatitis, and if you do not have an ejaculate or the volume is very low, a test for retrograde ejaculationmay be advised.


Fertility Testing

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