Comprehensive semen analysis

Infertility in men represents one of the largest known causes of infertility amongst couples, contributing up to 50% of cases.

The single most important factor determining a man’s fertility potential is the production of healthy sperm. Semen analysis has classically been used as a marker of a man’s fertility potential, but it is important to understand that while a sperm count, motility and shape are extremely important, it is by no means the whole story. Indeed, there are many other factors in a proper detailed semen analysis that can reveal a host of other symptoms, which are all too often neglected or overlooked. This is why we feel it is absolutely essential to provide you with the most comprehensive semen analysis that conforms to the current WHO guidelines, so that you will be given the correct diagnosis. Whether you are just starting out on the road to having a family or you are having difficulties starting a family, we believe men should have a broad ranging diagnostic and treatment service

Andrology Solutions offers a detailed Semen Analysis service along with a consultation to discuss the results of the analysis. Our health professionals can determine whether additional testing is required and make recommendations on how to optimise your sperm quality to maximise chances of a successful pregnancy with your partner.


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