Retrograde Ejaculation

Men who have a very low ejaculate volume or no ejaculate may suffer from a condition known as retrograde ejaculation where the semen is pushed backwards into the bladder.

Normally, a muscle at the base of the bladder closes at ejaculation to allow the semen to exit though the urethra. However, if there is damage to the nerves that supply the muscle, it may not close properly, so that the semen flows directly into the bladder.

Retrograde ejaculation is often associated with conditions such as diabetes, bladder or prostate surgery, local nerve damage, medications to treat high blood pressure etc.

A simple test to look for sperm in a post orgasmic urine sample can determine whether you have retrograde ejaculation.

If you suffer from retrograde ejaculation, sperm can be retrieved from the bladder and used for fertility treatment

The bladder must first be neutralised by taking some bicarbonate of soda. The sperm are collected from the post orgasmic urine and then washed.  If there are sufficient live sperm, they can be used for intrauterine insemination (IUI) of your partner that is timed to coincide with ovulation. Alternatively, the washed sperm can be used for IVF treatment.

Pregnancy rates using this method are not dissimilar to using ejaculated sperm. If you would like to discuss this procedure, please contact us directly.

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