Testicular ultrasound scanning

Testicular (scrotal) scanning is a good idea if you want to check the overall health of your testicles

What can be detected with the scan?

The scan can show the normal testes, epidydimis and scrotal contents.
It will show if there is a normal blood flow to both testes or if there is any inflammation or tumour. Varicocoeles, epidydimal cysts and hydrocoeles can also be detected.

What is ultrasound scanning?

An ultrasound scan uses high frequency sound waves which are reflected off the structures in the body to produce images of the organs on a monitor.

What happens during your scan?

Your scan will be performed off-site by a radiologist who is a doctor specially trained in ultrasound scanning. You will be asked to lie on an examination bed and to remove your pants and trousers. You will be covered so only the scrotum is exposed. Lubricant gel is applied to the scrotum and a small probe is applied to the area. This produces sound waves which convert into an image of the testicles on the screen. The investigation does not hurt and will take approximately 10 minutes to perform.

What are the risks of the test?

There are no known risks or side effects of ultrasound scanning. It does not involve ionising radiation.

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